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Watched the first episode of the new season of Sherlock.

Here be spoilers. )
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Fringe spoilers )

In non-spoilery news, the guy who played Jack Chase aka Jack Heart showed up briefly, so have a SyFy Alice icon.
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I just finished reading a chapter-by-chapter review of Eclipse that basically came to this conclusion:

"This is the worst thing I have ever put in my brain."

And I kind of agree, but I also think a lot of other works of fiction for young adults wouldn't stand up to the kind of scrutiny the Twilight "Saga" gets. There's so much fluff out there that's really only different because it didn't get as immensely popular. I, personally, have read and enjoyed books at least as fluffy and uneven and downright bad as Twilight, and just as full of heteronormative codependence and emotional abuse.

Of course, I didn't model my own ideal relationships on th--

Well, shit. We really are all screwed.
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I love Slings and Arrows not with a fiery passion, but with a deep abiding love. It has catchy music (see the awesome opening song for each season), wonderful acting (see the whole freaking cast, but especially Paul Gross as Geoffrey Tennant), and more great dialogue than you can shake a stick at (and more than I can list in parentheses).

If you have not heard of Slings and Arrows, please accept my heartiest recommendation that you view it at your earliest convenience. It's three seasons of 6 episodes apiece, and it's an absolute delight. There are madmen and lovers and ghosts and villains and charmingly cynical old gay men. It is, in some ways, a love song to the theater--not only to the good, the times when everything is flying, but to the banal and the times when everything comes crashing down. And, of course, it is a love song to everything Shakespeare can be, when done properly and directed by a madman.
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Douglas Adams is dead.

I feel the need to point this out, since I noticed in the bookstore today (Gothic Charm Schooland Don't Panic) that Eoin Colfer has written a 6th book in the HHGTTG trilogy.

This, to me, feels like heresy and rampant commercialism. I mean, if they really wanted someone to write another HHGTTG novel, I feel like they should have picked someone who had a more similar voice and style of writing. I picked up And Another Thing…, as it's titled, and read the first few pages, and it just doesn't strike that same chord as the Adams books.

It's possible that if enough people have really positive things to say about it I'll give it another try, but that really doesn't seem very likely to me.
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Speaking of television shows, I finally watched the last episode of Warehouse 13.

I hated it.

It's really unfortunate, because I really enjoyed the rest of the show. It was, like so many other things I enjoy watching, light and amusing but still satisfying. Not necessarily television for the ages, but fun. But then in the last episode they had to go *spoiler* and *spoiler* and I really hated the part where *spoiler* turned out to be *spoilerspoilerSPOILER*. Seriously, I hated these spoilery things too much to even dignify them with true inclusion into this entry. All they get are little placeholder tags. If you've seen the episode, I'm pretty sure you can fill in the blanks.

But basically, for the last episode they just completely screwed the pooch.
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I should really watch this week's episode of Torchwood. But I'm not. If I'm really lucky, I'll get around to it by the time the next episode airs… maybe.
The problem with Torchwood, of course, is that I spent almost the entire second half of the first season waiting for the end. That was it. I was waiting for the Tardis to show up and take Jack away.
This season, I really need to be motivated to go to the trouble of downloading it, precisely because the first season was such a trial. The first episode I watched because I had just finished the Doctor Who Christmas special, and was willing to watch pretty much anything to tide me over until the spring. The second episode I watched because the first one was actually interesting and managed to not quite be composed entirely of sex and violence. I was repaid by there being no gratuitous sex whatsoever, and did a little dance of joy. Then I watched the third episode, and found out I'd done my little dance too soon. It wasn't that there was gratuitous sex (I didn't get all the way through it, so I can't vouch for that). It was that it was a retread of Out of Time, with Tosh and some kid from 1918 instead of Owen and some chick from the 40s. Tosh getting all dolled up at the beginning? Sure, cute, fine. But after that, it kinda felt… stale. They could have done better.
Now, for all I know, the next episode could be the one where Martha shows up- and oh how I long to see her freed from the constraints of "I am in love with the Doctor because duh all his companions are, and I want to be Rose *whine pout*". She could totally rock in Torchwood. Could. I really, really want her to kick ass and take names and possibly steal Ianto from Jack. But even more than that, I'd like to see Torchwood be consistently better than it was last season. It has the potential for awesome, cool stuff to happen, especially if they could just eschew the fast-and-sloppy character development. The whole "show, don't tell" is one of the biggest clichés of teaching writing, but it's true. The Torchwood writers keep trying to tell us about the characters, without showing us any of their actual depth. They almost all come off feeling a little flat, even Jack and Gwen, who I generally find to be a bit better realized than most. That's a big problem for me in such an episodic show. If there are no story arcs to follow, the characters should make you want to watch more. As it is, they sometimes make me actually want to watch less.
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Thoughts )

Please let series 2 of Torchwood be better.
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I realize I didn't post anything about Evolutiuon of the Daleks, but here's myLazarus Experiment spoilers and commentary. )


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