Jan. 16th, 2017

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There's a guy at my office. He's nice, he means well... and he's just not very good at the job. He's an apprentice, so he's supposed to be learning things, but he's just not picking stuff up very quickly. I don't know what it is.

I figured it would be pretty safe to hand him the task of deploying a testing setup for a new hire, though, since I have a package set up for deploying them. It has a guide on how to use it, documentation for the setup, and a complete set of configurations. Except for changing management IPs on everything, it's pretty much as close to plug-and-play as you can get in our lab. It usually takes me between two and three hours to deploy it and verify it.

It took him almost three days, and that included me diving in on Friday afternoon to correct issues like the cabling not matching the diagram. Apparently he also made up and applied his own configs because... he wanted to make sure the setup was working? Except that's what the pre-made configs are for. And basically everything was a clusterfuck.

And he's a nice guy, and he means well, and he spent hours over the weekend working on this thing...

...and he still couldn't diagnose a fairly straightforward issue that I sorted in under half an hour once I got to the office and read my email this morning. I have to say, it does sort of change my perception of my own abilities for the better, even while I feel bad because I don't see how he can get hired on permanently when his contract is up.

Other than that--all the Skip Beat. I caught up to the most recent scans, and then I still wanted more, so I dragged down the first of my Viz 3-in-1s and I'm starting back at the very beginning. It's wild to go back and see Kyoko and Ren at odds. I had kind of forgotten that whole section of the story, it was so long ago. Maybe I'll use a little Christmas money to catch my print collection up a bit...


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