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Spiders that jump ARE NOT WELCOME IN MY HOUSE.

Jesus Christ. It's not bad enough that they've got too many legs and too many eyes and are overall just creepy, there are JUMPING SPIDERS.

Proof of a malign god.
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Remember when I told you about the spider in my bed?

No? It's just the next entry down. Go ahead, I'll wait.


IT CAME BACK. I regret to inform you that I could not keep myself from a gasped "Jesus fucking Christ!" as I flew out of bed this time, but I did make sure the eight-legged terror with terrible timing will not be making another appearance. I have also had a soothing cup of herbal tea, which will in theory be putting me to sleep any time now.

Apparently the world is against me having a restful night's sleep.
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So the night before last, just as I was packing the computer away and getting ready to slip under the covers, a spider dropped out of the sky/appeared from nowhere on the blanket in front of me. I jumped about a yard straight up in the air and sideways, doing my damnedest not to scream because it was one in the morning, and I am proud to report that I made nothing more than a tiny squeaking noise at most.
Still, I was cold, definitely and unpleasantly awake, and there was a SPIDER IN MY BED. This was a problem, especially since I had no handy way to kill it without ickifying the bed and no other bed I could quietly retire to for the evening. Eventually I got rid of the spider by the simple expedient of removing it, blanket and all, to a completely different room and getting a new blanket (after much twitching and inspecting to make sure there was no SPIDER IN MY BED).
Of course, after that lovely little kick of adrenaline, I spent a fairly wakeful night, alternating a sort of half-awake drowse with long periods of paranoid watchfulness.

Last night I went to bed early, and I was so tired this morning that when my alarm went off, I did not understand what was happening. There was not enough human in my skull to figure it out, especially at 8 am.

This is all my way of saying, "God, I'm ridiculously tired, but for once I know why."

Fucking spiders.


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