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Dying of frustration. There needs to be more Susan/Teatime fic on the internet in a very serious way, and I don't want to have to write it all. (In large part because I keep swerving towards Angsty Doomed Romance*, and frankly I'm not sure Teatime would quite understand the concept of romance. Or love, for that matter. It would probably translate as "someone I haven't killed yet because they are interesting as well as useful.")

I'm still trying to navigate the whole question of whether Teatime really gets what sex is all about. He comes off as being very child-like in some ways even though he's an adult, so my working theory at the moment is that he has sexual urges but can't really make sense of them. Sort of. Except every once in a while one gets through and he acts on it, becauseā€¦ I don't know yet. Argh argh argh, why did I decide to love a ship that's so hard to write for?

* I've come to a point where I can kind of maybe see romance as an eventual possibility, in a long story with slow character development on Teatime's part to make him a little less insanely homicidal and a little more cognizant of what normal human relationships entail, rather than just thinking of Susan as something that belongs to him. Even if it's just a move from thinking of Susan as something he owns to someone he owns, it'd be a step. But mostly I still think of Susan/Teatime as a ship where happily ever after is a joke, except for the part where this story seems to want to go there so badly, and I don't want to have to make it long enough to encompass the necessary character development for something like romantic love to even start to enter into it.

Ok, I've written enough entries about this ship for it to get its own tag. God help us all.


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