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Dying of frustration. There needs to be more Susan/Teatime fic on the internet in a very serious way, and I don't want to have to write it all. (In large part because I keep swerving towards Angsty Doomed Romance*, and frankly I'm not sure Teatime would quite understand the concept of romance. Or love, for that matter. It would probably translate as "someone I haven't killed yet because they are interesting as well as useful.")

I'm still trying to navigate the whole question of whether Teatime really gets what sex is all about. He comes off as being very child-like in some ways even though he's an adult, so my working theory at the moment is that he has sexual urges but can't really make sense of them. Sort of. Except every once in a while one gets through and he acts on it, because… I don't know yet. Argh argh argh, why did I decide to love a ship that's so hard to write for?

* I've come to a point where I can kind of maybe see romance as an eventual possibility, in a long story with slow character development on Teatime's part to make him a little less insanely homicidal and a little more cognizant of what normal human relationships entail, rather than just thinking of Susan as something that belongs to him. Even if it's just a move from thinking of Susan as something he owns to someone he owns, it'd be a step. But mostly I still think of Susan/Teatime as a ship where happily ever after is a joke, except for the part where this story seems to want to go there so badly, and I don't want to have to make it long enough to encompass the necessary character development for something like romantic love to even start to enter into it.

Ok, I've written enough entries about this ship for it to get its own tag. God help us all.
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Ever just had one of those "fuck my life" weeks? 'Cause I definitely am. Besides this lovely little depressive episode that I only noticed when it decided to go up an order of magnitude in intensity, a late paper, and sleeping through three different alarms this morning and thus reaching my quota of times I can miss yoga without failing the class, I just found out that a close family friend had a stroke on Monday. He had to have brain surgery, and now he can't talk, but this is apparently not as bad as it could be, because his doctor says he should be either dead or paralyzed.

Fuck. My. Life. So hard. Everything can stop being shitty any time now. Any time at all.

And tomorrow I have to go ask my Methods professor for an extension on turning in the rough draft of my historiographical paper on the grounds that personal shit is severely screwing up my ability to concentrate. Or, y'know, do anything but lie in bed reading fanfic, because that's about the only thing that makes me feel any better right now. I do not have enough spoons* for any of this right now. I don't have enough to explain it to people, and I don't have enough to deal with it.

*Spoon Theory. Most people use the Spoon Theory for describing physical illness or disability that I've seen, but I definitely have only a limited number of mental spoons when I'm depressed. And the more stress or anxiety or guilt is attached to a task, the more spoons it takes to accomplish it. Asking my favorite professor to be my thesis advisor, for example, took like half of my available spoons because I spent so much energy freaking out about the idea that she might say no--even though the tiny rational part of my brain knew she wouldn't. So that day I really didn't get much else productive done, because I used the rest of my spoons doing my assigned readings for the next day.
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I did not mean to stay up until 1:30 in the morning writing a monologue about my boobs. I swear to god I didn't. But that's the theme for ETC's fall showcase this year, and I thought I'd missed the deadline, but it turned out that they extended it until Friday, so… here I am.

1:30 in the morning, and I just sent the club president a monologue called "I Have Fantastic Tits."

…yeah. That may be the weirdest email I've ever sent. Anyway, it's obviously completely unedited, and the ending is a bit rough, but I present to you my monologue on the manifold glories of breasts.

Under here. )

And now I am very sleepy indeed, but at least I will not go to bed trying to remember the phrase "the Mary Poppinses of breasts". I may regret that more in the morning, when I have to get up and get out before everyone else gets the bright idea to go home early for the Labor Day holiday.
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Fringe spoilers )

In non-spoilery news, the guy who played Jack Chase aka Jack Heart showed up briefly, so have a SyFy Alice icon.
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Google Maps knows the road ends just past our house.


Now if only all the GPS maps would learn the same thing, we'd be in business. Because apparently in a fight between a sign that says "Road ends, 300 feet" and a GPS that says the road goes through, the GPS wins. Go figure. Luckily, the DOT game along and not only put up posts to keep morons from driving across the unpaved, ungravelled dam, but put up some red signs on each end to make it really, really plain that NO YOU CANNOT DRIVE HERE. Not even golf carts and four wheelers fit through those posts, although morons looking for something to set on fire unfortunately do. So far, their hobbies include not only arson, but trespassing and vandalism. Fun!

Of course, we're expecting one of these young idiots to fall into the lake and sacrifice themselves to Darwin pretty much any time now, and we draw the line of being helpful at calling the ambulance. The lake is much deeper at the dam's edge than it used to be, and jumping in to try and pull someone out is a really good way to drown yourself.

On the bright side, it turns out there are fish in our lake! We don't know how they got there, but they're bigger than the minnows that were all we had last year.
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It's suddenly 3 am and I'm shouting at this fanfic that it needs a better peril.

Maybe I should go to bed.
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I do not understand them. In fact, the men I am most intimately acquainted with are the ones I understand least. Could somebody please explain that to me? I mean, I love them anyway (how could I not? they're wonderful people), but I don't get them. Sometimes I feel like things would be much easier if I could just peer inside their heads and see what they're thinking. Or maybe if they came with a translator.

In other news, still single, since apparently these days I attract exactly the wrong sort of guy for my tastes. That's another thing I'd like explained, please. Why do all these clearly inferior specimens persist in thinking that I might sleep with them? Because frankly, I don't think I'll ever be that desperate, and if I ever am, I hope you all will do the kind thing and put me out of my misery.
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Still feel like shit. I hate the way these dreams carry over into the whole day and I end up feeling almost as bad come bedtime as I felt when I got up in the morning, no matter how well the rest of the day went. Then sometimes as a bonus I'll have MORE of them because I went to bed feeling like this.

I hope this isn't one of those times. I'd like to get a restful night's sleep. With the dreams, I do tend to sleep pretty hard, but it's not restful. It's more like being trapped, getting all tangled up in the dream and not being able to get out. Even when I do wake up, the dream just picks up again once I fall asleep.

I really, really hate these dreams. I hate the way they make me feel, I hate the person they make me into when I can't shake them, and I hate the fact that they make such a deep impression even when I know they're not real. And I hate that they're pretty much the only dreams I remember having.
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Oh dear. My crafty spirit is returning right in time for school to start.
I've been struck by the urge to do some cross stitch sayings from The Quotable Star Wars, or perhaps some Babylon 5. The Babylon 5 Mantra seems singularly appropriate as subject matter for a sampler.

Yes, this seems like an excellent idea. Now all I have to figure out is how to do it.
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I love Slings and Arrows not with a fiery passion, but with a deep abiding love. It has catchy music (see the awesome opening song for each season), wonderful acting (see the whole freaking cast, but especially Paul Gross as Geoffrey Tennant), and more great dialogue than you can shake a stick at (and more than I can list in parentheses).

If you have not heard of Slings and Arrows, please accept my heartiest recommendation that you view it at your earliest convenience. It's three seasons of 6 episodes apiece, and it's an absolute delight. There are madmen and lovers and ghosts and villains and charmingly cynical old gay men. It is, in some ways, a love song to the theater--not only to the good, the times when everything is flying, but to the banal and the times when everything comes crashing down. And, of course, it is a love song to everything Shakespeare can be, when done properly and directed by a madman.
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Tonight I'm playing a game I like to call "Sara can stay alert on codeine, but will the triazolam knock her out?"
I'm actually taking the triazolam as a muscle relaxant, in the hope that I'll be able to look to the left without undue pain come the weekend, but if it put me to sleep too, that would be great. Last night's sleep hardly even merits the term--I spent at least as much time awake or half-awake as I did actually asleep, and I must have woken up a dozen times.

Also- I have so many cool new B5 icons that I am absolutely spoiled for choice. I have decided to save the ones that crack me up every time I see them for later. Delenn and Ivanova get to take the first spot in this rotation. When I was younger and just watching B5 for the first time, I decided that I wanted to be like Delenn AND Ivanova. Surprisingly, I think I've actually succeeded in that goal to some degree--they're both strong, smart, determined women, and I think that's what I'm growing towards.

Aaaand the triazolam is winning. Time for sleep, here's hoping it lasts.
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It is bad to be a student who has left arguably the most important part of a major project to the last minute, especially when "the last minute" is Monday night and you've already had 2 hours of choral rehearsal and had to clean up cat vomit as soon as you got home.

It is going to be a long, long night, and I haven't been getting enough sleep recently as it is.

I will be so glad when this semester is over. I've pretty much even lost the energy to write by the time everything is done with in a day, and two choir rehearsals and a sunday service is getting to be Too Much on top of school. The natural conclusion would be to drop the one I'm not paying for, but every time I miss even one rehearsal--nevermind a sunday--Larry freaks out and my mom comes home saying everyone was asking her why I wasn't there. It would be really nice if we had another young, able soprano so that they didn't lean on me so much to fill that role.

But we don't.

And the end is not yet nigh, unless we're talking about the end of my sanity. That's so close I can almost touch it.
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even with shipping, that is awesome, and totally justifies asking for a new dvd player for christmas instead of the US dvd.
the uk dvd release, by the way, has all the commentaries, all the featurettes, and the deleted scenes. and a sing-along version.
the us release has two out of the four commentaries, two of the four featurettes, and nothing else. even the blu-ray release isn't as inclusive as the uk dvd, and blu-ray players are ridiculously expensive.
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Have finished cleaning, had near-boiling shower (with lots of soap), sweet omelette for dinner w/ Lord Peter Wimsey. Decided in favor of several good stiff glasses of milk, rather than fancy girly drink. Now, bed. too sleepy/lazy to make nice hot cup of tea.

Also- if I ever get married and blog about my husband, I think his blog codename will be Lord Peter.
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Ugh. What a day. Just got back from two hours at the emergency vet with Thriii because… well, it's a long, gross story involving me and cleaning up a lot of cat shit. She's fine. Let's leave it at that.
Anyway, because of that lovely little adventure this evening, I just got home, and I haven't had any dinner yet. And there's still more shit to clean up before I can take a shower and have dinner. In that order. With lots of soap. I'm not actually dirty, it's just one of my little quirks--I shudder to think what changing diapers will be like.

The good news is that my most recent BPAL order is shipping earlier than I expected. This has brightened my evening somewhat, although not as much as a dinner of scrambled eggs and a chocolate peppermintini (my mother bought this stuff. seriously.) while watching Gaudy Night for the 100,000th time will. After a long, hot, shower with lots and lots of soap. Did I mention lots of soap? And hot water?

And maybe a cup of tea to finish off the night.


Well, tomorrow I'll go to the farmer's market and buy lovely beeswax candles and honey. And probably blueberry bread and chocolates from Dolly Mama, if we're going for honesty here.
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I have been reading forums, and I have come to a conclusion.
NCIS fans are CRAZY. For instance, a lot of people seem to hate the character Ziva so much that they are incapable of viewing anything she does as anything other than selfish, manipulative, and calculating, no matter how nonsensical the motive they must then assign her. As a bonus, they assign these same traits to her actress, who they also loathe with the same fiery unreasoning passion. For another thing, people worry about the realism of the show. For real. It bothers them that Ziva may just sort of get citizenship without the hoops and the time investment, or that the characters' stated ages may be too young for their accomplishments. On the other hand, nobody seems concerned that Gibbs can apparently teleport and may in fact be god. This is not a show about accuracy. It is a show about fun. When the writers and production crew of LOST make a mistake or do something stupid, that is worth picking and gossip and debate, because LOST is all about the little details. When NCIS does something batshit crazy, illogical, and just plain wrong, just ignore it. Better yet, enjoy it. It was probably done to make your experience of the show more fun. Of course Gibbs couldn't have really covered that much ground or reasonably be shooting random guys with a sniper rifle at close range, but it's much more satisfying for him to ride in and save the day. That's what story logic is all about. People who treat tv like it has to be absolutely accurate to reality make me crazy. If it were, it would be no fun.

Ok, so I'm crazy too, because I just spent all that time typing about crazy NCIS fans. But at least I'm enjoying the show instead of bitching about their badges being wrong.
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The Retrofantasma double feature for November 20th is Dune and Krull. Who will drop whatever they are doing and watch this incredible convergence of vintage scifi and bad special effects with me? Yes, I know that it's only July, but seriously.

Also, Escapism this year will be featuring Flash Gordon and the original theatrical cut of Battlestar Galactica, as well as a bunch of other stuff they haven't announced yet. Anybody up for it? That would be October 16-18.

In other news, apparently my social activity for the rest of the year will be film series.
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Dinner at midnight-thirty and trying to find notes on a fanfic I last updated 4 years ago. Yep, sounds like my life. To be fair, lunch was at 5:30, so dinner's not quite as insanely late as it sounds.
Although breakfast was at 9:30.
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I feel like there's a little disapproving chorus in my head:

CHORUS: WHAT are you working on, young lady?
SARA: *mumble*
CHORUS: What did you say?
SARA: …secretsoulandlastsaint…
CHORUS: I didn't hear you clearly, there. Own up!
SARA (defeated): Secret Soul and The Last Saint…
CHORUS: And what are you SUPPOSED to be working on?
SARA: The Drift of Stars and Happy New Year
CHORUS: So WHY AREN'T YOU WORKING ON THEM?! No, no I don't want to hear it. *storms off*
SARA: ………Maybe I should get a bit more sleep.

In other news… I GOT A REVIEW on The Drift of Stars! And it was really nice! I was super, super nervous about this chapter for a lot of reasons- the fact that it took me forever and a day to hammer out the last few paragraphs, the fact that the break is still less than ideal, the fact that it's still all original characters, the fact that this is ME trying to write ROMANCE, and dammit I just found another typo. No matter how many times you go through it before you post, there's always something. This is why there's a big note at the bottom saying that if anybody wants to read these chapters before I post them and correct the stupid shit like this place where I'm MISSING A PERIOD of all things, I will be infinitely grateful. A note which someone… actually read. Neato!
Anyway, it's not that I'm NOT working on my target pieces, it's just that a few things popped up from the back of my mind for other stories. Life the fact that Carys plays the dulcimer and Lucifer can't sing, or like the idea for getting Secret Soul through breakfast (ohthankgod. They've been eating breakfast for YEARS. Literally. Like… 3 or 4. Years. Of sitting there and staring at the screen and wondering what kind of corner I've managed to write myself into and what on earth was I planning to do about it. Now they're they're done eating and the hamster has returned to the wheel!)

So… this was supposed to be a short post, once upon a time. Oops.
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Well, I've signed up for the official insanity train- I'm giving NaNoWriMo a fairly serious try.

So, this brings my tally of Things To Do In November up to:
1. Knit a vest for my dad.
2. Knit a long-sleeved lace shrug for my mother.
3. Knit two top-secret type gifts (expanding the Sara's Mad Christmas Knit-a-Thon to FOUR recipients)
4. Find a new job.
5. Write a 50,000 word novel.

Totally workable, as long as I grow an extra set of arms or two. Maybe I should make that number 6…


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