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So last night I stumbled across this:

Yes, that is a GoFundMe to buy the data of every member of Congress who voted to let your ISP sell your data without your knowledge or permission.

So anyway, I threw it in a tab and left it until this morning to look at more closely. And then, this morning, I skimmed over it again and realized that Misha Fucking Collins started that GoFundMe, because of course he did. So that goes a pretty long way towards explaining how it's raised almost $11,000 dollars in a good bit less than 24 hours.

Days like this makes me miss JournalFen and FandomWank.
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Well, the process of getting my computer working again was a new adventure in cursing, and an embarrassing realisation that I may now be better at solving issues with Linux than with OS X/ MacOS.

At any rate, it's up and running again, and after a session with DiskWarrior it turns out that my old drive isn't *completely* trashed. It's just not bootable any more. That meant I was able to salvage things that I had expected to lose, like all my open Chrome tabs and the Labyrinth story snippet I had sitting on my desktop that was very definitely not backed up to the cloud. I'm sure I'll be finding things that are just a bit off for a while, since my last backup was from April. V embarrassed at being such a terrible user. I know I should be doing more regular backups than that, and I just wasn't.

Now to type up that idea I had on the drive home the day my hard drive went all pear-shaped... .
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No posts the past few days because my laptop's hard drive is now a paperweight. New HD came today, and tomorrow morning I'll go over to the mothership (aka my parents' house) to put it in and see if anything is salvageable from the old one. My most recent backup is a few months old, so it would be nice... but I'm not holding out much hope for it.
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I got a bonus day off yesterday. It turns out that while my company doesn't observe Veteran's Day (even though they make a point of hiring veterans pretty much whenever possible) or MLK Day, it does observe President's Day. I figured this out when I got to the office and the parking lot was empty.

Alas, now the reprieve is over, and I should really be getting dressed instead of sitting here typing. But Enki and Micro are both singing me the song of their people outside the bedroom door ("Let meee ooooout, meeeout, meeeooot..."), and i'm not quite ready to oblige them yet. For one thing, I'll only actually be obliging Micro. Enki spent two days under the shed after Peter let him out on Friday, and I didn't exactly get great sleep while the super-timid semi-feral was freaked out and unsecured, so he's not allowed to try that again until the workweek is over. (And then Micro was gone for 24 hours starting Sunday, but he sailed back in behind my roommate and took a 6-hour nap on he couch, so I figure he was attending to important catly business,. Probably trying to cultivate a network of humans to feed him, since we found out that he apparently strolls right into our neighbor's house on the regular. And I only chewed my fingernails back down to nubs again, which is how you can tell I was reasonably relaxed about the whole thing.)

That's the news from Lake Wobegon, I guess. I didn't get a lot of stuff I meant to do while I was on vacation done--no taxes, didn't get much done in the way of cleaning the house or continuing to unpack, completely failed to update my resume and job hunt. I did get some relaxation in, though, and that was kind of the main point.
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It looks like "not for the next few days" meant "not for a couple of weeks". Everything went as smoothly as could be reasonably expected (more smoothly than could reasonably have been expected, honestly, given that we were moving fully-loaded server racks around), but damn did it wipe me out. And then the following week was too busy to take it easy.

This past week was pretty exciting too. On Thursday we had really high wind and our whole building lost power, which ended up killing several small servers. First, though, it killed the ballast in the fluorescent lights, which resulted in a horrible smell of burning plastic, and the evacuation of the whole building (not just our office... the whole building) while the fire department tried to figure out if our office was on fire or not.

Good stuff.

I've taken this whole week off. I actually put in my request before the move, because I knew I would need a vacation after that nonsense. I just didn't know how much the intervening two weeks would contribute as well. The knowledge that I do not have to go in to work tomorrow is delicious.
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11 hour day today. Probably looking at another one tomorrow, and another one the day after.

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Clearly, actual daily posts were a little ambitious for my current energy levels. I'll keep trying, though probably not for the next few days while I have this huge work project to get through. I have to get to the office early and then leave late, and I'm *shudder* in charge of it. Just a wee bit stressful, and it's on a very strict timeline to avoid impacting testing.

Over the weekend, Peter and I went to our local Women's March. It was huge! Our local new media kindly pointed out that the protests in big cities like New York and Seattle were bigger (thanks guys, super helpful comparison between our area and areas with a much, much larger and more uniformly liberal population), but I think it might be the most well-attended march/rally/protest I've ever been to. We managed to find my mother and a family friend in the crowd, and sticking in the middle of a group of people I actually know helped me manage my crowd anxiety pretty well. I took a bunch of photos, mostly of great protest signs, and a few to try and show how big the crowd was.

We stayed for a couple of hours, and then came home and basically collapsed. It was good to go, but it didn't do anything to relieve my basic sense of helplessness and futility in the face of a Republican-controlled government on the state and federal level that will just go ahead and do whatever it wants, regardless of my feedback. It's particularly a problem here in NC, where the districts are so gerrymandered. It's very frustrating.
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I don't think I posted last night. Took some melatonin to try and sleep and completely crashed.

Not a lot to write about. Trying to prep for the march at the state capitol on Saturday--Peter is measuring out a grid to help me with my block letters on my sign("ERA NOW", because who doesn't love a good throwback?), and I've got yarn to knit a hat, or at least try to. I mean, one hat in 24 hours doesn't seem too ambitious, right?

I should have started earlier, but until about yesterday I kind of thought the protest was on Sunday. Oops. My brain just wants to put off the inevitable for as long as possible, I guess.

I'm so worried. I already have friends worried that they will lose access to vital medical care because they won't be able to afford insurance without the ACA. My state is so gerrymandered that in some ways it can't even be considered a democracy, and we're about to have a US Attorney General and a Supreme Court that are very unlikely to be friendly to voting rights. I'm afraid the economy will go belly-up again and I'll be back to waiting tables or slinging comics or some other exhausting minimum-wage job that won't even cover the rent.
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Not going to work-vomit today, because I'm sick of giving work room in my head.

Things that are good today:
Purring lap cats
Playing peekaboo and getting my first hug from my friend H's daughter
The Games Wizards Play audiobook
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There's a guy at my office. He's nice, he means well... and he's just not very good at the job. He's an apprentice, so he's supposed to be learning things, but he's just not picking stuff up very quickly. I don't know what it is.

I figured it would be pretty safe to hand him the task of deploying a testing setup for a new hire, though, since I have a package set up for deploying them. It has a guide on how to use it, documentation for the setup, and a complete set of configurations. Except for changing management IPs on everything, it's pretty much as close to plug-and-play as you can get in our lab. It usually takes me between two and three hours to deploy it and verify it.

It took him almost three days, and that included me diving in on Friday afternoon to correct issues like the cabling not matching the diagram. Apparently he also made up and applied his own configs because... he wanted to make sure the setup was working? Except that's what the pre-made configs are for. And basically everything was a clusterfuck.

And he's a nice guy, and he means well, and he spent hours over the weekend working on this thing...

...and he still couldn't diagnose a fairly straightforward issue that I sorted in under half an hour once I got to the office and read my email this morning. I have to say, it does sort of change my perception of my own abilities for the better, even while I feel bad because I don't see how he can get hired on permanently when his contract is up.

Other than that--all the Skip Beat. I caught up to the most recent scans, and then I still wanted more, so I dragged down the first of my Viz 3-in-1s and I'm starting back at the very beginning. It's wild to go back and see Kyoko and Ren at odds. I had kind of forgotten that whole section of the story, it was so long ago. Maybe I'll use a little Christmas money to catch my print collection up a bit...
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Oops. Missed two days, apparently.

Friday was pretty busy, all day, and then I went straight from work to the dance. Good thing, too, because by the time the first half was over, I was ready to go home and go to bed. I think I was probably asleep by 10:30, which is early even for me, especially on a Friday.

Yesterday we went to the market in the morning and then ran errands until well into the afternoon. And then my brain cut out, apparently, because I can't remember the rest of the day at all. It probably involved some reading Skip-Beat, since I've been working on catching up with that. I'm like 9 months or a year behind. I keep laughing out loud and then not being able to explain the jokes to Peter.

And now Peter is writing up notes from our RPG and laughing evilly. I'm sure that'll be fine... right?
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Oof. Slept well, actually had a decent and productive morning at the office, and then the afternoon/evening just went straight off the rails. Almost forgot to write this, and now that I have--bed.
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You know you have problems when the project manager is asking if you know what's going on. I don't know if it's just my employer, or if all startups are like this, but damn.

Also, if you follow this journal on LJ, this is the last entry that I will be mirroring to LJ. From now on, new updates will only post to This journal will remain up as an archive until our new Russian overlords torch the servers, I guess.

PS: To my assigned FSB or SVR agent: FREE CRIMEA! And tell Putin to put his shirt back on.
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Ok, going to start trying for a daily post. Not a long one, but at least a few lines.

I am definitely super burned-out on my job, where I'm not getting the resources or support I could use (and neither is anybody else).

I had a new story idea in the shower today, though! Been a while since that happened. And it's a twofer, because it started with a potential title and then I got a fanwork and an original out of it, both with the same opening line. I mean, the fanwork is three lines and maybe a fragment I wrote a few months ago, and the original is just the opening line, but... better than nothing.

Maybe someday I will finish a thing that's not a oneshot.

Maybe someday my writing will be as good as it used to be. God, I'm rusty. Need to read more. Anybody got any book suggestions?


Dec. 25th, 2016 12:33 am
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Let me take one moment, in the darkness that seems to be closing in, to say:

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

Bless us all, that as we live
We always comfort and forgive
We have so much that we can share
With those in need we see around us everywhere.

Let us always love each other,
Lead us toward the light.
Let us hear the voice of reason
Singing in the night.
Let us run from anger,
And catch us when we fall.
Teach us in our dreams and please, yes, please
Bless us one and all.

As they keep reminding me at church, "the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has never put it out."
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Let's see...

I think when I left off, it was October, I was in Chicago, and the Trumpocalypse had not yet come.

I miss October.
I miss the first week of November.
Hell, I miss the whole rest of 2016, and that's something I never thought I would say. Trump being elected is probably the only thing that could possible have happened to make me in less of a hurry to put 2016 behind me. Now I dread what comes next.

On reflection, I don't know how much better it would have been if Hillary had won. Institutionally, I think we would have been better off--there wouldn't be a climate change denier heading for the top office at the EPA, just for example. But the people who voted for Trump would still be there. The neo-nazis and white nationalists would still have been emboldened. It's just that this conflict would have remained smoothed over and hidden just enough for people like me to maybe ignore it a while longer.

Now we have to look it right in the ugly face. It's right out in the open, even here in my little liberal bastion.

I have cried a lot. I cried pretty much the whole day after the election. I cried when someone spray painted "Black lives don't matter and neither do your votes" on a wall in my beloved hometown. I cried when the KKK drove through my boyfriend's town. I have nightmares.

I've done other things, too. I listened in on an emergency State Board of Elections meeting hastily convened on a Sunday afternoon. I submitted public comment to another, to make it clear that the people of the state are watching and paying attention. I signed up for publications and groups that will keep me up to date about various political action items. I went to a Moral Monday rally. I gave money. I subscribed to a newspaper.

None of it has stopped me from being very, very afraid about what's coming next.

It's still better than doing nothing.

For now, life goes on as usual, even with all that. Micro is allowed outside on his own now, with no leash and harness. To show his gratitude, he left a headless, semi-mummified rodent of some variety right outside the kitchen door. I don't want to know what happened to the head, but I'm glad he's enjoying himself. Luna thinks she should be able to go outside whenever she wants, now, too. She speaks about it at great length and volume, but I have not yet given in. She's much more skittish, and also a lot dumber about cars.

Maybe this time next year I'll be writing from Montevideo. Maybe I'll still be here. I just don't know.
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TMI ahoy!

So we're in Chicago for the weekend. While I was packing to go, I looked at my DivaCup, thought about it, and went, "....nah. Not gonna happen. I won't need that."



Fucking Ha.

Despite my trusty little implant, I woke up to blood this morning. Luckily, I do keep some supplies in my car at all times. Unluckily, the car is parked two blocks away.

Luckily, our hostess has extra supplies. Now I just have to try to remember how to use a tampon with an applicator, because I haven't used one of these suckers since I was about 13, when I put on my big girl pants and started using applicator-free tampons.

I, a grown-ass woman, even asked google. Wish me luck, people. Also, wish me luck in finding my trusty box of organic cotton applicator-free tampons in the depth of my car, because I miss them already.
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I started an entry about cat litter almost two weeks ago. I still haven't finished it. (I know you guys are absolutely on fire to hear my opinions about cat litter and litter scoops. Don't worry, they're still coming.)

Work has been a long series of manufactured emergencies. Life has, to some extent, been the same. Lots of hard work. So much cleaning. I'm still living in a landscape of boxes that need to be unpacked.

I'm trying to set myself a routine--I wake up in the morning and take care of one chore that needs to be dealt with, plus feeding the cats before I leave. I go to work and deal with the 3 to 7 incredibly urgent issues that just came up (spoiler: they have not actually just come up, but people have just set their underwear on fire about it and can't find the damn water bucket themselves). I take my lunch break to watch silly youtube videos (thank you, Designing Women, I needed that laugh) or read a book so that I can someday stop renewing my library books and actually return them. I come home and try to make sure I do one thing just for Peter. I also try and do one thing just for me. Then, if I still have any energy and will left, I try to get in one other chore.

I spent last weekend cleaning the old house like a demon, because I want my damn deposit back. The landlord hasn't even seen the place yet and is already making threatening noises about not returning all of the security deposit. Charming man. I long to be shed of him forever.

This weekend... I'd like to visit my parents. There's lots of other stuff to do, too, though. Peter is sad that we didn't make it to Emerald Pointe this summer, and this is the last weekend it's open. I'd kind of like to go, but I also hate crowds. I thought he was going to go with Paul a couple of months back, but apparently they never got it together. I'd like to unpack some boxes, and bring in the lamps and shelves sitting in the carport and set them up. If I can find a place to put my bookshelf, I can empty at least two and half boxes right there.

There's a contra dance on Saturday night, and I know I should go to that. I'm out of shape--I haven't danced more than 4 dances in a night in months, and I've skipped too many dances entirely from being tired and out of sorts. Also, my new ("new"--they were only a year or so old) dance shoes fell apart on me at the Shenandoah Shindig back at the beginning of the year, when I danced right through the stitching holding the soles on, and although I've replaced Peter's dance shoes, I still haven't replaced mine. I've been dancing in my old jazz shoes, which are mostly held together with glue and hope at this point in their extremely long life, and which really don't have any padding. (When I say long life, I mean it, by the way--I think my mother bought them for me when I was in 8th grade. Might have been 9th. They were my contra dance shoes for the many, many dances over three years until I got tired of gluing the suede back onto them.) Anyway, my point is that there have been plenty of reasons for not dancing... but I should still get back into the swing of it.

I guess that's the news for now. We trudge on. I adult. I need more joy.
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Tiny, convenient miracle of the morning:

Just got an appointment reminder from my GP, for next Friday afternoon. I don't need to schedule a special visit to be like "So... I'm tired a lot. Is this just an aging thing?"

I should probably call and see if I'm supposed to be getting blood work done, though.

The other slightly miraculous thing? I've already taken off next Friday (and Thursday, and the following Monday and Tuesday) to deal with moving, so I don't have to deal with any last minute schedule juggling because I forgot about the appointment as soon as I made it last year.

Other good things:
Tea with milk and honey. Toast with butter and strawberry jam. Happy cats.
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I don't do frivolous sick days. Yesterday, I called in because I was just so incredibly tired.

I'm going through a bit of a tough time right now, really. My sleep schedule would really like to readjust to staying up late, I think, so I'm not sleeping well. And life is just kind of generally exhausting. I'm tired a lot. Usually it's more of a mental/emotional exhaustion (oh god, I am so tired--living with other people and not having much quiet time or private space is hard, trying to deal with my relationship and my depressed/pained/unhappy partner is *exhausting*), but the past little bit it has also been physical.

I should probably go to the doctor, but the prospect of finding the time for the appointment and actually driving out to Hillsborough for it is also exhausting. I'm pretty much just used right up, and there's nothing left for dealing with anything else.

Peter wants me to go see a therapist. Good idea. Peter wants me to go see one of the two therapists listed as kink-friendly in the area. Neither of them takes my insurance. Big upfront expense, extra stress of having to try and file that shit myself? Thanks, I'll just nope my own way out.


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