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I've had better days.

The cleaners at work cleaned out the fridge on Friday (they're supposed to do it on Monday nights, but hey) and threw away absolutely everything, including the full bag of baby carrots I had just put in there on Thursday so I'd have something to eat besides all the junk food my company stocks the kitchen with. And the reusable container they were in.

Despite my best efforts, I've gotten poison ivy off the cats. They also have a truly terrible case of fleas, which they're happily shedding all over the house as I type. New flea meds are going on as soon as I finish this entry, and I've already got flea traps set up to help catch the ones that have already made it loose in the house.

And last but certainly not least, I got cat-called in the grocery store today. Just an "Ay, mamacita!", but delivered right behind my back by a guy who then stopped just a couple of steps away from me in the aisle and stared. It was creepy as shit, and I felt cornered. I spent the rest of my time in the store checking to see if he was following me after I got away. And then locked all the doors and windows when I got home.

The good news is that my posting application is working again. No idea why it stopped for a while, no idea why it's back, but it does make posting a heck of a lot easier.
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