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Falling off the wagon is always so easy. I'm not even sure I'm climbing back on--just running along behind and shouting up the road to the people who are still up there.

I guess I'm cool with that. I'd rather do this than give up entirely because I'm not meeting my post-per-day goal.

So, when we left our hero... I think I was yelling about politics? Ah, to go back to the innocence of Friday. This bullshit just gets worse all the time. Now the president is leaking to the Russians and Comey's notes show that Trump tried to get him to stop looking into Flynn and it's just snakes and excrement all the way down.

In more personal avenues, life marches apace. I'm moving to a new department in my company (leaving my previous position still hideously understaffed by my replacement and nobody to back him up, poor thing, but my new position has teammates to share the load *and* promotion prospects, so away I fly!), so I've been steadily offloading as much information to my replacement as I can. In the meantime, they haven't actually started training me on my new responsibilities, even though I've physically moved into the section that houses my new team. Nor has any announcement been made to the NC office in general about my move (physical or responsibilities-wise), which is confusing a lot of people who are still coming to me for things related to my old job and getting gently redirected to my replacement. Such organization. So wow.

I also continue to do my best at cleaning and organizing where I can, because I'm definitely having more trouble with anxiety and depression, and the state of my living space hasn't been helping. The good thing is that once I get myself going on a cleaning project, I can easily keep going for at least an hour, which means that reclaiming the house is waaaaaaaay easier than it would be if I were having the kind of depression that chains me down with terrible inertia.

I mowed the lawn on Monday (first time using a lawn mower ever). Peter has been bravely marching through our giant piles of dirty laundry, and I bravely march through folding the giant piles of clean.

Speaking of, I just realised that I've taken my pants off and there's still laundry out in the utility shed to be moved, so I should probably do something about that.
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