May. 4th, 2017 08:05 pm
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1. I came home, and Peter had gotten the whole living room vacuumed, scrubbed up all the hidden hairballs on the floor, and then put down the carpet that we've had lurking around rolled up since I moved out of my parents' house last January. It is fabulous, and I am once again astonished and humbled by the things he does in spite of his chronic pain.

2. I stayed later than I meant at work because one of my coworkers started posing logic puzzles to the apprentice and I got pulled into trying to solve them. Logic puzzles provided upon request.

3. House projects continue apace. We'll get the hang of this adulting thing eventually, at least as far as it takes to keep the state of the house from driving me crazy (I hope). Tonight's ambitions beyond cleaning up after dinner are pretty minor: put up some command hooks to hand potholders on, and line a grawer with shelf paper so we can put kitchen implements in it. The big work for those tasks (cleaning the incredibly grotty, grungy surfaces in question enough for adhesives to stick to them) has already been done, and it's time to take a night off from working.

In other news, I love how many interesting journals I'm finding to read on Dreamwidth these days. It's totally unlike LiveJournal was when I was teenager, when everyone I followed was someone I knew in real life and it was our little social bubble, but it's a different kind of good.

(These entries are starting to remind me of an Edna St. Vincent Millay poem, the way they show up in my sidebar. And the line from the poem is of course a Shakespeare reference. The entries are all "Today", but in my head it evokes "tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow". The poem ["Ashes of Life"] and the soliloquy [from Macbeth] are both rather depressing, but the association is accidental, I promise.)


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