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Back in the middle of April, I started writing a post about my Birthday Vacation. I kind of... failed to finish it and now I've lost it? Oops.

Anyway, it was good. There was cake and working outdoors and laughing with children and adults alike. All in all, a very good way to start being 30.

And this weekend was good, too. We did Tai Chi in the park and didn't get heat stroke (woo hoo!), although I did maybe get a tiny bit of sunburn on my shoulders in spite of my Giant Sunhat. Clearly, the solution is to find an even bigger sunhat--or I guess I could give in and say that it's time to start wearing sunscreen to the Farmer's Market. That would probably be the rational, adult thing to do. It would also make some of the Qi Gong exercises we do at the beginning a little easier, since I wouldn't have a giant hat brim to work around.

Yesterday was an immensely productive day. I made cupcakes, I deep-cleaned about half of the kitchen (way enough for one day), washed a bunch of hand-wash-only dishes that have been languishing by the side of the sink for far too long, watered the plants, dumped and washed Luna's Giant Litterbox of Doom... I think there was some other stuff in there that I've forgotten. And that was all by 3 o'clock. Then we went up to Peter's parents' house, where we picked strawberries and got a scything lesson.

Today, I feel sore, but not nearly as sore as I expected after all that. Good stuff all around.

(Aaaand it looks like my little stand-alone application for posting has finally gotten so out of date that it doesn't work anymore. Oops. Anybody else use an application to post instead of the web interface?)


Date: 2017-05-01 03:17 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Or, you could wear a shirt that covers your shoulders! Many options.


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