Jul. 5th, 2017

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Tonight, in conversation, a friend mentioned that a house on her (rural, somewhat isolated) street had been broken into. She then went on to say that her neighbor heard the alarm going off at that house and headed over with his gun, and took a potshot at one of the fleeing perpetrators.

Paul and I just sort of nodded. Peter was... startled by this information, and spent about five minutes talking about how incredibly illegal that was, while the friend and Paul and I listened and nodded and then said that yes that was all true, but still of course that guy did that thing. This is the rural South and why do you think he owns that gun?

I wasn't surprised by the news that this guy was perfectly willing to shoot at someone fleeing the scene of the crime. I was just surprised that, after living in the South for so long (and growing up in rural Virginia), Peter was so surprised and taken aback. Yes, it's terrible; yes, it's illegal; no, he should not have been trying to kill a guy for breaking into a house... but it's not surprising.


Life back in the office after a 4-day weekend is weird. We're down three more than expected this week--one to food poisoning and two to sudden, unexpected deaths. I may have to take more cases. I do not want more cases.

I definitely prefer Publications to Support, despite the fact that Support is theoretically the more important part of my job. (Says my friend J of me being given Pubs: "Well, that makes sense.") I'm coming to the belief that this has a lot to do with my preference for presenting things that are well-prepared and rehearsed, rather than improvising. Support calls are really just improv from start to finish, and I don't like it.

It still pays better than the comic book store, so I stick with it. I do miss my coworkers from Atomic, though. By and large, they were much nicer people to spend the day with, possibly because I actually had things in common with them. You can basically caption my work weeks as "TFW your old coworkers are still better than your new ones."


On the homefront:
Cleaning. Cockroaches. Argh.

Also, I'm somehow still not done polyurethaning our future kitchen island. This is a much bigger problem than it was last week, because I have finished cleaning off the kitchen table, and have in fact moved it out into the living room (also known as the place we've been intending to move it for the last 11 months or so). We're a little short on surfaces, but in spite of that, Peter managed to make brownies for my father's birthday.


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