May. 8th, 2017

Wait, what?

May. 8th, 2017 08:08 am
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And it's Monday again. I don't get how that happens so fast every time. Of course, by the time I was halfway through the afternoon at work I would have sworn it was Tuesday, so clearly my sense of time is spot-on.

Our dryer has given up on two important things: heating and stopping. I'll grant that this is far less catastrophic than, say, only giving up on stopping (at least nothing caught on fire, after all), but it is something of an irritation. The dryer ran for almost 24 hours before Peter, Paul, and I were all in the same room and put it together that it was the same load of clothes Peter had put in on Saturday and nobody had decided they needed another tumble. The clothes were dry after a full day of tumbling around without heat, so there was at least that. On the other hand, there was a whole 'nother load waiting in the washer that included a sheet and a towel, and we only have a little drying rack suitable for bras and socks...

It could be worse. Nothing caught on fire, the pollen has let up so that drying clothes on the rack outside is once again possible, and we have plenty of clean sheets and towels. On the down side, the hamper is pretty much full of dirty clothes, and laundromat dryers are pretty much a no-no for me because I'm allergic to something in fabric softener sheets.

Also on the domestic front, we have the last un-mowed lawn on the street and I still haven't been able to decide on a lawn mower, so we're borrowing a string trimmer from my parents to tame the meadow. Peter tried it out this evening after dinner, and I think it looks kind of fun. Alas, I was wearing flip-flops and thus was not allowed to play with power tools at sunset. There will be plenty of opportunities, though. The house is on something just under half an acre, and although there's plenty that's under cars or gravel or tree-shade all day (and thus doesn't grow anything tall enough to mow), there's still a fair bit of tall grass out there. I'm planning to leave the back third-ish of the back yard to itself, since it's mostly wild blackberry brambles and they're perfectly welcome to it, but we'll definitely want to be able to walk out to the prospective hammock location and back...


all_strange_wonders: An illustration of Nita from the Young Wizards story "Uptown Local". (Default)
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