Feb. 27th, 2017

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Well, the process of getting my computer working again was a new adventure in cursing, and an embarrassing realisation that I may now be better at solving issues with Linux than with OS X/ MacOS.

At any rate, it's up and running again, and after a session with DiskWarrior it turns out that my old drive isn't *completely* trashed. It's just not bootable any more. That meant I was able to salvage things that I had expected to lose, like all my open Chrome tabs and the Labyrinth story snippet I had sitting on my desktop that was very definitely not backed up to the cloud. I'm sure I'll be finding things that are just a bit off for a while, since my last backup was from April. V embarrassed at being such a terrible user. I know I should be doing more regular backups than that, and I just wasn't.

Now to type up that idea I had on the drive home the day my hard drive went all pear-shaped... .


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