Feb. 21st, 2017

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I got a bonus day off yesterday. It turns out that while my company doesn't observe Veteran's Day (even though they make a point of hiring veterans pretty much whenever possible) or MLK Day, it does observe President's Day. I figured this out when I got to the office and the parking lot was empty.

Alas, now the reprieve is over, and I should really be getting dressed instead of sitting here typing. But Enki and Micro are both singing me the song of their people outside the bedroom door ("Let meee ooooout, meeeout, meeeooot..."), and i'm not quite ready to oblige them yet. For one thing, I'll only actually be obliging Micro. Enki spent two days under the shed after Peter let him out on Friday, and I didn't exactly get great sleep while the super-timid semi-feral was freaked out and unsecured, so he's not allowed to try that again until the workweek is over. (And then Micro was gone for 24 hours starting Sunday, but he sailed back in behind my roommate and took a 6-hour nap on he couch, so I figure he was attending to important catly business,. Probably trying to cultivate a network of humans to feed him, since we found out that he apparently strolls right into our neighbor's house on the regular. And I only chewed my fingernails back down to nubs again, which is how you can tell I was reasonably relaxed about the whole thing.)

That's the news from Lake Wobegon, I guess. I didn't get a lot of stuff I meant to do while I was on vacation done--no taxes, didn't get much done in the way of cleaning the house or continuing to unpack, completely failed to update my resume and job hunt. I did get some relaxation in, though, and that was kind of the main point.


all_strange_wonders: An illustration of Nita from the Young Wizards story "Uptown Local". (Default)
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