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I had this nice little post about Shetland, and the guy from Primeval... but then I quite Chrome, and it turns out that restoring from draft when you're using the rich text editor isn't quite as robust as a person might like... so now I don't. Oops. Maybe in another few days and another episode or so I'll be able to conjure something up about it again.

Anyway, this post is really just to say this:
Dear sweet baby Jesus, why am I reading about politics when I should be going to bed?

(Answer: "Because it's not like it's any better to ready about it right after you wake up in the morning. Sorry, lady." In my imagination, he is wrapped in the stereotypical blue blanket which graced many a nativity scene during my childhood, and takes that "Tough shit, them's the breaks" attitude about basically everything. I have a strange relationship with religion, for one that's so straightforward.)

Trump apparently doesn't realise that Israel is part of the Middle East. That's ok, though, because his supporters probably don't know it either.
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Luna has this thing she does when she's released in the morning, where she comes into the bedroom singing the song of her people ("Woe, woe, woe is meeeeeeow...") and looking at me in a very pointed way. She usually follows it up by jumping up to stand on my keyboard until I pick her up and/or make room in my lap. Sometimes, she's singing for cuddles and lap time, and on those days she settles down with an air of supreme satisfaction. Other days, like today, the respite is only temporary, and down she goes again (with another stop on the keyboard, of course, because none of the cats can get on or off the bed without stepping on a keyboard, even if they have to go out of their way to do it). On these days, it turns out the song is actually "Woe, woe, woe, let meeeeowwt."

Not for nothing is one of her many names Whinybutt.
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There is just so much to do.

Mostly it's good stuff (y'know, aside from the Day Job). People to see, events to attend, fun to be had out in the world.

It's exhausting. I love it all, and my schedule is filled brim-full with The Things I Do... and I miss night upon quiet night of doing nothing much. I love my friends and I wish I could see all of them more often... but I pass up the chance of seeing them to stay in my house and fold laundry by myself. Tonight I skipped the contra dance to stay home, do a couple of very minor chores, and start watching a new mystery series on Netflix. (Shetland, if you're interested. So far I'm fine with it, although most of what I can say about it is that the landscape they're filming in is incredibly striking and also they seem to have color-shifted everything very grey.)

I realised the other day that I hadn't even logged into my Netflix account in at least a month. Living with Peter, it just doesn't work to throw a show on while I'm doing something else if he's going to be in the room at all. It either distracts him from what he's doing and wears him down, or he gets way more tuned into it than I am and asks questions and wants to pause it while he's out of the room, which is... not how I treat casual television. So I kind of default to just not watching anything with a plot anymore, which means a lot of youtube videos and not a lot of working through my netflix queue. Not a lot of fanfic, either, since I can't obsessively re-run old favorites in the background to get the feel right in my head.

It's weird right now, is what I'm saying. The introvert in me is constantly looking for a nice place to get away from all of these fabulous people I love, and since I never find it (because when we're not out somewhere together, Peter and I are home together, which is still not the same as being alone even if it is way easier to deal with than constantly being around anybody else), I never do the mental vacation stuff I used to.
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Falling off the wagon is always so easy. I'm not even sure I'm climbing back on--just running along behind and shouting up the road to the people who are still up there.

I guess I'm cool with that. I'd rather do this than give up entirely because I'm not meeting my post-per-day goal.

So, when we left our hero... I think I was yelling about politics? Ah, to go back to the innocence of Friday. This bullshit just gets worse all the time. Now the president is leaking to the Russians and Comey's notes show that Trump tried to get him to stop looking into Flynn and it's just snakes and excrement all the way down.

In more personal avenues, life marches apace. I'm moving to a new department in my company (leaving my previous position still hideously understaffed by my replacement and nobody to back him up, poor thing, but my new position has teammates to share the load *and* promotion prospects, so away I fly!), so I've been steadily offloading as much information to my replacement as I can. In the meantime, they haven't actually started training me on my new responsibilities, even though I've physically moved into the section that houses my new team. Nor has any announcement been made to the NC office in general about my move (physical or responsibilities-wise), which is confusing a lot of people who are still coming to me for things related to my old job and getting gently redirected to my replacement. Such organization. So wow.

I also continue to do my best at cleaning and organizing where I can, because I'm definitely having more trouble with anxiety and depression, and the state of my living space hasn't been helping. The good thing is that once I get myself going on a cleaning project, I can easily keep going for at least an hour, which means that reclaiming the house is waaaaaaaay easier than it would be if I were having the kind of depression that chains me down with terrible inertia.

I mowed the lawn on Monday (first time using a lawn mower ever). Peter has been bravely marching through our giant piles of dirty laundry, and I bravely march through folding the giant piles of clean.

Speaking of, I just realised that I've taken my pants off and there's still laundry out in the utility shed to be moved, so I should probably do something about that.


May. 12th, 2017 08:38 am
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Sweet Jesus what is this shit even.

So yesterday I hit FaceBook with my political feels, because it was short and really just a comment on one line in an article I was reading. (That line? About DT being confused and enraged about how the Russia investigation won't disappear. My immediate response? "Well, that's fucking terrifying, because it shows just how accustomed he is to making problems go away with the application of money, fame, and power." You can read the article on Politico here.)

This morning, the Toddler-in-Chief tweeted this (among other verbal diarrhea):
"James Comey better hope that there are no 'tapes' of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!"

I... wha... fuck. I don't even. I can't. Did he just... threaten the former director of the FBI? Publicly, on Twitter? Is this the world we live in now?

Some take the presidency away from this tantrum-throwing infant before he breaks shit any worse.

(This post has been brought to you by my belief that it is unfortunately too early in the morning to start drinking until I forget why I started. Also my belief that the amount of booze it would take to make me forget everything as far back as November would probably kill me.)
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So far, this week has mostly succeeded in beating me to a pulp. Yesterday I stopped to get gas on the way to work and the auto-cutoff on the pump didn't cut off quite fast enough, and then I stopped to get coffee and managed to spill coffee down my shirt while I was driving. Work has been kicking my ass with unexpected hurdles to solving problems that sounded easy at the outset. Don't even get me started about politics. (Too late! It's a really simple song and dance, though. It goes like this: "Oh god oh god we're all so screwed," followed by distant, muffled rage-screams.)

Still down a working dryer, and the incoming weather is damp. Dry clothes are for wimps anyway.

Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Or maybe Trump will start a nuclear war and we'll all die.

It could go either way. Life is like that right now.

Wait, what?

May. 8th, 2017 08:08 am
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And it's Monday again. I don't get how that happens so fast every time. Of course, by the time I was halfway through the afternoon at work I would have sworn it was Tuesday, so clearly my sense of time is spot-on.

Our dryer has given up on two important things: heating and stopping. I'll grant that this is far less catastrophic than, say, only giving up on stopping (at least nothing caught on fire, after all), but it is something of an irritation. The dryer ran for almost 24 hours before Peter, Paul, and I were all in the same room and put it together that it was the same load of clothes Peter had put in on Saturday and nobody had decided they needed another tumble. The clothes were dry after a full day of tumbling around without heat, so there was at least that. On the other hand, there was a whole 'nother load waiting in the washer that included a sheet and a towel, and we only have a little drying rack suitable for bras and socks...

It could be worse. Nothing caught on fire, the pollen has let up so that drying clothes on the rack outside is once again possible, and we have plenty of clean sheets and towels. On the down side, the hamper is pretty much full of dirty clothes, and laundromat dryers are pretty much a no-no for me because I'm allergic to something in fabric softener sheets.

Also on the domestic front, we have the last un-mowed lawn on the street and I still haven't been able to decide on a lawn mower, so we're borrowing a string trimmer from my parents to tame the meadow. Peter tried it out this evening after dinner, and I think it looks kind of fun. Alas, I was wearing flip-flops and thus was not allowed to play with power tools at sunset. There will be plenty of opportunities, though. The house is on something just under half an acre, and although there's plenty that's under cars or gravel or tree-shade all day (and thus doesn't grow anything tall enough to mow), there's still a fair bit of tall grass out there. I'm planning to leave the back third-ish of the back yard to itself, since it's mostly wild blackberry brambles and they're perfectly welcome to it, but we'll definitely want to be able to walk out to the prospective hammock location and back...


May. 4th, 2017 08:05 pm
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1. I came home, and Peter had gotten the whole living room vacuumed, scrubbed up all the hidden hairballs on the floor, and then put down the carpet that we've had lurking around rolled up since I moved out of my parents' house last January. It is fabulous, and I am once again astonished and humbled by the things he does in spite of his chronic pain.

2. I stayed later than I meant at work because one of my coworkers started posing logic puzzles to the apprentice and I got pulled into trying to solve them. Logic puzzles provided upon request.

3. House projects continue apace. We'll get the hang of this adulting thing eventually, at least as far as it takes to keep the state of the house from driving me crazy (I hope). Tonight's ambitions beyond cleaning up after dinner are pretty minor: put up some command hooks to hand potholders on, and line a grawer with shelf paper so we can put kitchen implements in it. The big work for those tasks (cleaning the incredibly grotty, grungy surfaces in question enough for adhesives to stick to them) has already been done, and it's time to take a night off from working.

In other news, I love how many interesting journals I'm finding to read on Dreamwidth these days. It's totally unlike LiveJournal was when I was teenager, when everyone I followed was someone I knew in real life and it was our little social bubble, but it's a different kind of good.

(These entries are starting to remind me of an Edna St. Vincent Millay poem, the way they show up in my sidebar. And the line from the poem is of course a Shakespeare reference. The entries are all "Today", but in my head it evokes "tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow". The poem ["Ashes of Life"] and the soliloquy [from Macbeth] are both rather depressing, but the association is accidental, I promise.)


May. 3rd, 2017 09:59 pm
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1. I... already can't remember this morning? I'm sure that's a good sign.
2. I tried to do the loaves-and-fishes trick with servers. It did not work. I was not surprised. Luckily, some more finally showed up.
3. Took my lunch and ate breakfast before leaving the house (or at least as I was leaving the house) two days in a row. Go me!
4. More folding. It is wonderful and fabulous to have mountains of clean clothes and clean sheets, but sweet baby Jesus there's a lot of folding.


May. 2nd, 2017 11:14 pm
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1. Managed to wash my hair and still eat breakfast. Breakfast was two cupcakes, but they didn't have frosting, so that means they were chocolate muffins.
2. Work. All the fires, all the nope, all the bitching, none of the processes. Business as usual.
3. MOAR CHORES. I continue to try and render the house livable again so that I can stop being so stressed out by being in it. Still haven't gotten beyond the half-kitchen I carved out on Sunday, but I have at least managed to maintain it for two whole days now.
4. MOAR CHORES, pt 2. I'm folding laundry before bed.

It's an exciting life, but somebody's got to do it.

I wish I were doing more other things, like writing and learning to play the pennywhistle, but all the creative juice just seems to have gone out of me these days. I blame work.
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Back in the middle of April, I started writing a post about my Birthday Vacation. I kind of... failed to finish it and now I've lost it? Oops.

Anyway, it was good. There was cake and working outdoors and laughing with children and adults alike. All in all, a very good way to start being 30.

And this weekend was good, too. We did Tai Chi in the park and didn't get heat stroke (woo hoo!), although I did maybe get a tiny bit of sunburn on my shoulders in spite of my Giant Sunhat. Clearly, the solution is to find an even bigger sunhat--or I guess I could give in and say that it's time to start wearing sunscreen to the Farmer's Market. That would probably be the rational, adult thing to do. It would also make some of the Qi Gong exercises we do at the beginning a little easier, since I wouldn't have a giant hat brim to work around.

Yesterday was an immensely productive day. I made cupcakes, I deep-cleaned about half of the kitchen (way enough for one day), washed a bunch of hand-wash-only dishes that have been languishing by the side of the sink for far too long, watered the plants, dumped and washed Luna's Giant Litterbox of Doom... I think there was some other stuff in there that I've forgotten. And that was all by 3 o'clock. Then we went up to Peter's parents' house, where we picked strawberries and got a scything lesson.

Today, I feel sore, but not nearly as sore as I expected after all that. Good stuff all around.

(Aaaand it looks like my little stand-alone application for posting has finally gotten so out of date that it doesn't work anymore. Oops. Anybody else use an application to post instead of the web interface?)
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So last night I stumbled across this:

Yes, that is a GoFundMe to buy the data of every member of Congress who voted to let your ISP sell your data without your knowledge or permission.

So anyway, I threw it in a tab and left it until this morning to look at more closely. And then, this morning, I skimmed over it again and realized that Misha Fucking Collins started that GoFundMe, because of course he did. So that goes a pretty long way towards explaining how it's raised almost $11,000 dollars in a good bit less than 24 hours.

Days like this makes me miss JournalFen and FandomWank.
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Well, the process of getting my computer working again was a new adventure in cursing, and an embarrassing realisation that I may now be better at solving issues with Linux than with OS X/ MacOS.

At any rate, it's up and running again, and after a session with DiskWarrior it turns out that my old drive isn't *completely* trashed. It's just not bootable any more. That meant I was able to salvage things that I had expected to lose, like all my open Chrome tabs and the Labyrinth story snippet I had sitting on my desktop that was very definitely not backed up to the cloud. I'm sure I'll be finding things that are just a bit off for a while, since my last backup was from April. V embarrassed at being such a terrible user. I know I should be doing more regular backups than that, and I just wasn't.

Now to type up that idea I had on the drive home the day my hard drive went all pear-shaped... .
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No posts the past few days because my laptop's hard drive is now a paperweight. New HD came today, and tomorrow morning I'll go over to the mothership (aka my parents' house) to put it in and see if anything is salvageable from the old one. My most recent backup is a few months old, so it would be nice... but I'm not holding out much hope for it.
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I got a bonus day off yesterday. It turns out that while my company doesn't observe Veteran's Day (even though they make a point of hiring veterans pretty much whenever possible) or MLK Day, it does observe President's Day. I figured this out when I got to the office and the parking lot was empty.

Alas, now the reprieve is over, and I should really be getting dressed instead of sitting here typing. But Enki and Micro are both singing me the song of their people outside the bedroom door ("Let meee ooooout, meeeout, meeeooot..."), and i'm not quite ready to oblige them yet. For one thing, I'll only actually be obliging Micro. Enki spent two days under the shed after Peter let him out on Friday, and I didn't exactly get great sleep while the super-timid semi-feral was freaked out and unsecured, so he's not allowed to try that again until the workweek is over. (And then Micro was gone for 24 hours starting Sunday, but he sailed back in behind my roommate and took a 6-hour nap on he couch, so I figure he was attending to important catly business,. Probably trying to cultivate a network of humans to feed him, since we found out that he apparently strolls right into our neighbor's house on the regular. And I only chewed my fingernails back down to nubs again, which is how you can tell I was reasonably relaxed about the whole thing.)

That's the news from Lake Wobegon, I guess. I didn't get a lot of stuff I meant to do while I was on vacation done--no taxes, didn't get much done in the way of cleaning the house or continuing to unpack, completely failed to update my resume and job hunt. I did get some relaxation in, though, and that was kind of the main point.
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It looks like "not for the next few days" meant "not for a couple of weeks". Everything went as smoothly as could be reasonably expected (more smoothly than could reasonably have been expected, honestly, given that we were moving fully-loaded server racks around), but damn did it wipe me out. And then the following week was too busy to take it easy.

This past week was pretty exciting too. On Thursday we had really high wind and our whole building lost power, which ended up killing several small servers. First, though, it killed the ballast in the fluorescent lights, which resulted in a horrible smell of burning plastic, and the evacuation of the whole building (not just our office... the whole building) while the fire department tried to figure out if our office was on fire or not.

Good stuff.

I've taken this whole week off. I actually put in my request before the move, because I knew I would need a vacation after that nonsense. I just didn't know how much the intervening two weeks would contribute as well. The knowledge that I do not have to go in to work tomorrow is delicious.
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11 hour day today. Probably looking at another one tomorrow, and another one the day after.

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Clearly, actual daily posts were a little ambitious for my current energy levels. I'll keep trying, though probably not for the next few days while I have this huge work project to get through. I have to get to the office early and then leave late, and I'm *shudder* in charge of it. Just a wee bit stressful, and it's on a very strict timeline to avoid impacting testing.

Over the weekend, Peter and I went to our local Women's March. It was huge! Our local new media kindly pointed out that the protests in big cities like New York and Seattle were bigger (thanks guys, super helpful comparison between our area and areas with a much, much larger and more uniformly liberal population), but I think it might be the most well-attended march/rally/protest I've ever been to. We managed to find my mother and a family friend in the crowd, and sticking in the middle of a group of people I actually know helped me manage my crowd anxiety pretty well. I took a bunch of photos, mostly of great protest signs, and a few to try and show how big the crowd was.

We stayed for a couple of hours, and then came home and basically collapsed. It was good to go, but it didn't do anything to relieve my basic sense of helplessness and futility in the face of a Republican-controlled government on the state and federal level that will just go ahead and do whatever it wants, regardless of my feedback. It's particularly a problem here in NC, where the districts are so gerrymandered. It's very frustrating.
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I don't think I posted last night. Took some melatonin to try and sleep and completely crashed.

Not a lot to write about. Trying to prep for the march at the state capitol on Saturday--Peter is measuring out a grid to help me with my block letters on my sign("ERA NOW", because who doesn't love a good throwback?), and I've got yarn to knit a hat, or at least try to. I mean, one hat in 24 hours doesn't seem too ambitious, right?

I should have started earlier, but until about yesterday I kind of thought the protest was on Sunday. Oops. My brain just wants to put off the inevitable for as long as possible, I guess.

I'm so worried. I already have friends worried that they will lose access to vital medical care because they won't be able to afford insurance without the ACA. My state is so gerrymandered that in some ways it can't even be considered a democracy, and we're about to have a US Attorney General and a Supreme Court that are very unlikely to be friendly to voting rights. I'm afraid the economy will go belly-up again and I'll be back to waiting tables or slinging comics or some other exhausting minimum-wage job that won't even cover the rent.
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Not going to work-vomit today, because I'm sick of giving work room in my head.

Things that are good today:
Purring lap cats
Playing peekaboo and getting my first hug from my friend H's daughter
The Games Wizards Play audiobook


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